By joining SEAAGE, you are not only given the unique opportunity to work with like-minded professionals at our networking events, but also subsidised rates to our seminars. As we are rolling out various features in phases, members will eventually gain exclusive access to a wide range of resources.


Our membership encompasses anyone from graduate employers to universities, and vendors to charities.

For employers

  • Opportunity to share information and develop best practice with other employers within South East Asia across a broad range of industries
  • Chance to share common issues, acknowledge success stories and keep abreast of recent developments and trends
  • Access to a range of research, articles, contacts and benchmarking data
  • Invitations to events such as workshops, networking, sector groups, conferences and training (NB some events may incur further charges)
  • Access to a global network of professionals via affiliated associations
  • Website and members’ portal (In development phase)
  • Increased awareness and respect for the graduate employment industry, enhancing the careers of those involved in it
  • Representative body to share joint views with third parties
  • Access to vendors

For vendors

  • Access to a group of employers
  • Opportunities to host information sessions with graduate employers
  • Chance to share common issues
  • Build and share best practice and knowledge
  • Continuous improvement of recruitment practices within the region
  • Networking opportunities
  • Advertising
  • There will be some events/information that are solely available to Employers to ensure freedom of speech

"The success of SEAAGE is reliant on the continued input and feedback from our members to help us better understand their needs and challenges."

– Sally Higham, SEAAGE Chair


Our mission is to connect organisations and individuals within South East Asia to help support the development and advancement of the graduate employment industry.

  • To provide guidance and impartial advice to members
  • To increase the quality of graduate recruitment talent and processes in the region by encouraging information sharing, best practice, networking and development across industries
  • To enable a mechanism to work, feedback and consult with local universities, schools and service providers
  • To provide a platform for early-in-career talents to understand the opportunities available to them post-graduation
  • To allow a forum for universities and service providers to give their feedback on any changes or suggestions to a collective group of employers


As an organisation based on trust, we have a number of policies in place to ensure that both SEAAGE and our members operate professionally and ethically.

  • Decision-making policies – including directorship
  • Membership policies – including payment of subscriptions and accepted behaviour
  • Corporate requirements – including publishing accounts