Masterclass in Resilience – Thriving in Ambiguity

Masterclass in Resilience – Thriving in Ambiguity

Event Details

  • Date: Tuesday 8 October, 9.00am – 11.00am
  • Location: Bloomberg, 23 Church Street, Singapore, 049481
As Industry 4.0 takes hold and we enter an ever-changing future of work, we have a responsibility to help our talent, whether young or old, build the uniquely human skills required to thrive and support business success.

The South East Asian Association of Graduate Employers (SEAAGE) is proudly partnering with Development Beyond Learning (DBL) to deliver a Masterclass in Resilience – Thriving in Ambiguity.

What we know

  • The transition from school, college or university to the workforce can be one of the toughest career transitions we can make.
  • Resilience is on one of the top skills employers believe graduates lack when joining the workforce.
  • Graduates of today are reported to be less resilient due to the enhanced support they have received growing up.
  • Resilience (the optimism to continue when you’ve experienced difficulties) and grit (the motivational drive to persist over time) have been shown to be highly correlated with high performance and positive mental and physical health.

In this MasterClass:

  • Understand why resilience and grit are such crucial skills for graduates and why they may lack them without proper support.
  • Learn what resilience and grit are, and how they are manifested in the workplace.
  • Discover tips from psychology and behavioural science for enhancing the resilience and grit of your early career talent.

As a global leader in skills development, DBL partners with employers to provide uniquely human skills to help early career talent thrive through career transition.

This masterclass will bring together industry HR/L&D/OD and Graduate & Early Career Talent managers to share and discuss this key trends affecting the current talent development landscape.

Combining both presentation and discussion, we aim to provide the opportunity to gather intelligence about what contemporary research suggests on this critical theme, and to share your own experiences with other industry peer managers and practitioners.

This session is an invaluable opportunity to hear from DBL’s founder, author and future skills visionary, Josh Mackenzie. We’ll hear what the research is telling us and how we can support our early career talent (and the broader workforce) to build these critical skills within our early career programs and beyond.

About the speaker: Josh Mackenzie, Development Beyond Learning

Josh Mackenzie is passionate about business as a force for good.

He is Chairman and Founder of DBL Group – best known for Development Beyond Learning (DBL), the award winning team using behavioural science to future proof businesses and careers. DBL provides uniquely human skills to help your people thrive through career transition.

Today, DBL Group is on a mission to improve the lives of 1,000,000 young people each year.

This mission is supported by offices in Sydney and London, a diverse, global team, investment in bold, new ideas and some of the world’s best-known organisations – DBL’s clients across Australia, Asia, United Kingdom and North America.

A true visionary leader, Josh is a creative thinking, purposeful and sought after ambassador of the future workforce, the skills gap, and the early career talent industry.

In 2011 Josh authored ‘The Graduate Edge – how to make a successful transition to a professional career’ which has since sold many thousands of copies. It is the go-to resource many of the world’s graduate employer organisations provide to their graduates every year. This was closely followed by ‘The Management Edge – how to succeed as a new manager’ and ‘The Leaders Edge – the leaders guide to business success’.

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