Back to The Future – Where Creativity Thrives

Back to The Future – Where Creativity Thrives

  • Date— 14th May 2019
  • Location— The Quadrant @ 19 Cecil Street,  Level 5 Roof Garden, Singapore 049704
  • Time— 5.30pm-8pm

Thank you to everyone who joined us in a cosy evening despite the rainy weather. We hope our snacks and drinks did warm you up!

Big thanks to Bob who shared very interesting movie-themed nuggets of insight on what’s happening in universities, current practices from modern employers, and what the student graduates are doing themselves in this modern world.

Some takeaways from the session:



Sharing what the US universities are doing, he explores the idea of having a platform in Singapore too that allows employers to connect with universities more efficiently, as well as what machine learning does for job seekers to connect to prospective jobs. We also discussed how universities are encouraging individuals to become ‘T-shaped’ professionals.



We looked at some values modern employers have and what qualities we need to embrace in the changing technological landscape.

In the segment about the ‘4 Worlds of Work in 2030’, we find that the new generation is searching out a company that aligns with their values. These come in the form of being:

– Social-first and community

– Focus on Innovation

– Social responsibility and sustainability

– Corporate capitalism and individualism

How do employers also increase the efficiency in their systems to be able to speed up the onboarding process, such that we can aim to fully immerse new hires in a shorter time?



We talked about the rise of the side hustle and how that affects the overall talent landscape, as well as the need to embrace them in our talent pool.

We enjoyed the open sharing and questions raised as well as getting to know some new faces. Thank you to those who came for making it a successful event!

About the Speaker

Bob Athwal

Bob has a unique background and perspective, he had been an employer, a vendor and a university career development specialist. He has worked globally and co-authored the book “Getting it right – A recruiters guide”. Bob is a regular International conference speaker, specialising in Early Careers, Student Experience and Student Outcomes. He has been the recipient of several industry awards relating to graduate recruitment and development as well as careers preparation within universities. Bob is passionate about Social Mobility and is a regular contributor to this debate.


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