Future of Career Services

Future of Career Services


  • Date — Monday 22nd Oct, 2018
  • Location — Microsoft, One Marina Boulevard
  • Time — 5.30pm – 8.30pm


Thank you to everyone who attended our Future of Career Services event with Katy Montgomery at the Microsoft offices.

Millennials and Generation Z want instant, personalised and actionable feedback, and it would be even better if gamification is part of the process in this ever changing world of the gig economy. The time has come for career services professionals to adopt and adapt offerings leveraging AI and predictive analytics.

Katy provided in-depth insight into how INSEAD are approaching this as it is now more important than ever for career services professionals to understand the evolving and quickly changing landscape of recruiting in order to provide the best job search preparation and post-graduate opportunities for students.


Katy talked about how relationships matter the most and how ‘soft-skills’ should be seen as the new ‘hard-skills’ with networking, communication and relationship building becoming the key criteria of employers when looking for candidates. They are also requesting more niche searching, moving towards a very targeted headhunting approach which career services are trying to keep up with through the use of tracking data and metrics, and using this data to empower students to learn and grow whilst career services can better understand and target talent for employers. Add the pressures of employers trying to recruit earlier and earlier with different timelines throughout the year and the fact that 75% of students spend time on different campuses (countries), career services need a pipeline that keeps talent warm and prepared earlier and earlier.


A key underpinning theme was around how to communicate to students without overloading them with data ‘everything tastes better with bacon’. If we truly want a seat at the table, drive change and tell the story with impact, we need to capture all key data points. This is something Katy and the team at INSEAD are focussing on through the use of technology and AI, such as Vmock, Tableau and other tech platforms.


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