Campus Engagement discussion in partnership with Informed Talent

Campus Engagement discussion in partnership with Informed Talent

  • Date— 25th July, 2018
  • Location— Bloomberg


Thank you to everyone who attended our recent round table event at Bloomberg. It was great to host a mix of employers and career services. This resulted in a very well-rounded discussion and insight into the student mind-set and employer needs and how we can all best go about to improve engaging, informing and attracting students.


Many themes were discussed and provided by Informed Talent, a new start-up set to shake up the way we traditionally engage with students. The hot one being promoting two-way authentic communication, virtually and physically.


Top three take-aways from the discussion:

  1. Just because all of the reports tell us Millennials are on social media, doesn’t mean they want to be targeted that way regarding careers. Yes, students spend a lot of time on their devices and social media. But when discussing how they view and interact with career related content, the majority of responses are negative. We discussed how social media may start to be seen as a ‘push’ channel rather than an engagement one, and how we should be wary of using the more ‘personal’ platforms such as Facebook and Instagram for professional purposes.
  2. Student awareness of how recruitment works, should employers have more of a role to play? We continue to see students waiting until the application deadline before they apply, unware of why we don’t want to share interview or assessment questions before the actual interview, interview styles and the importance of receiving a rejection email.
  3. Driving behaviour, some employers are opening up their application process for just one week to drive behaviour of applying when required and not waiting for the application deadline that is two or even three months away.


As always, we enjoyed the very open and dynamic discussion points our members brought up, thank you.


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